Bury me in a Moleskine box


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// --> A continuum of creativity

During my school years and for some years after, the top joint of my
right middle finger had a gentle, rounded callous. It doesn’t any more
because I seldom put pen to paper – more’s the pity. However, if I do,
I do it between the crisp clean sheets of a Moleskine notebook. Here is
a continuum of creativity stretching back through Van Gogh, Matisse,
Hemingway, Chatwin. Here is the sensual pleasure of the finest Italian
black nappa leather, perfect (oh indeed perfect) bound in hard back
with the smoothest, subtly off-white, 200gsm cartridge. Oh what an
ecstacy of pleasure to touch its pages with the nib of my Mont Blanc
pen. A note becometh literature, a doodle art; symbols as if chiselled
into marble or gently etched into glass. My senseless drivel
transmographied into holy writ. Bury me in a Moleskine box.

Martin, United Kingdom – 8 November 2004