From WMP Notebook # 3


"A week and a half ago, I received Wandering Moleskine sketchbook number 3. The
pages were completely unmarked and ready for my inaugural entry. Well, as it
happens, my son Nathan managed to acquire the Moleskine and scribble on the
title page! After my initial shock, I was actually pleased to see Nathan leaving
his mark on the book for posterity sake. This morning I signed his work "Nathan
Rohde, Age 2yrs" so it wouldn’t go unnoticed. 🙂

Since Nathan’s entry, I struggled over what to do with my own entry. I
briefly considered sketching a Milwaukee landmark, but due to limited time, this
seemed impractical. So, the book remained un-marked until this morning…"

Mike Rohde

Wisconsin, U.S.A.


#8, 9 and 10. All set to go. Thanks to our friends:

Diane, N.J.  Visit her Amazon Storefront
Tricia L. , CA.
Abizer N., London
Prinedes,  Wa. Drop by his eBay auction
Lisa Laughy, NH. Check out her eBay Store,  Ninth Wave Designs


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6 thoughts on “From WMP Notebook # 3

  1. With the bar set this high, I may be signing my work “Nathan Rohde, Age 2yrs,” too!

    Thanks for giving #3 such a good start, Mr. Rohde and Son.

  2. Mike:

    I just received Moleskine WMP #3 in the mail from you. FYI, It arrived in great condition. I love what you did on the first page, however you have certainly created a tough act to follow. I am doing my best to come up with my own page which will be in the spirit of your fine effort!!

    Regards – Kirk

  3. Kirk, thanks for the update… it’s good to hear it arrived safely. As for coming up with a page of your own, just do your own thing — it’ll be great! 🙂

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