Jeffrey Fulvimari


"Jeffrey Fulvimari was born in Akron, Ohio. He now lives
and works in New York City. Jeffrey studied art at the Cleveland Institute of
Art where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He moved on to Cooper Union in
1985 where he concentrated in photography, video and conceptual art.

Jeffrey has worked in all aspects of printed media:
advertising, editorial, sales promotion, etc. His illustrations have also been
animated for Naked Chef of Food Network, MTV, Nick at Night, music videos, and
numerous commercials in Japan.

In 1999, Jeffrey created the marketing
concept and main visuals for AFTER THOUGHTS, a fashion accessory retail chain
with 800 shops throughout the U.S. Retail sales have gone up to 400% since
Jeffrey’s illustrations have gone into use!"

Jeffrey Fulvimari
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Image: © JF