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"I’ve always thought that Moleskin note books were lovely ‘Things’ to own and use but never had one. Recently I decided to give my clients one for Christmas this year (I am a photographer) and most of my clients are creative thinkers so it looks like the perfect gift. Just trying to source 60 at the moment, the US seems to be the place to buy with the rate so good.

The designer I am working with is trying to find a smart outer hard plastic case to mail them in and around the outside will be placed a paper band with a message. (see attached Pic)

Your web site is a great notion and I will forward a link inside the books when they are given out. I hope it will be a source of inspiration to first time users to use their books well !



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  1. I recently googled upon your site and it is a relief to know that there are others out there who share my passionate love of fine journals. Before i ever happened upon your site or the moleskine name, for that matter, i purchased two journals a pocket and a large size that are made of linen. They both look remarkably like the moleskines featured here. they both have the fab. bookmark; the expanding folder in the back and very strong elastic
    bands. i know this is considered blasphemy here but they truly are remarkable books and i love them. Paired with my chrome Sensa stylus pen, both books make an extremely nice duo. Has anyone here ever heard of a brand called
    “Natural Readables” they are reasonably priced at $6.95 for pocket and $9.95 for large. I will summit some photos of these great books.

  2. I love these natural readables notebooks I filled one up in a few months but cant find them any where! I purchased mine at a books a million in Fl but they dont have that book store out west! I havent found a site that sells them or anything! If any one knows of where else to get these great books please let me know!

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