Moleskine Hacks


After Bill B’s rather drastic mod, 43 Folders has issued even more cool hacks. This one’s my favorite:

  • Moleskin_spineicons"Spine Icons
    – I know some of you, like me, are multiple-Moleskine nerds. It’s sad,
    but this is how God’s made us. So, this means you might have a lined
    notebook, a sketch book, a music notebook, or even a storyboard
    notebook—all of the same size and outward appearance. Using a silver Sharpie or the like, make a small icon or letter at the same place on each spine to remind you which is which."

Visit: 43 Folders

On the way back, drop by Penny’s who sent us this tip.


One thought on “Moleskine Hacks

  1. heh. i hear that. 1 ruled pocket sized and 1 large sketchbook and about a zillion other various journals, legal pads, and memo pads. i guess i should be happy that god made me that way, and i suppose i am. life is good.

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