Moleskine Stickers


"A squared pocket Moleskine arrived this morning from Mojo London. Inside the cellophane was a sheet of nine stickers with quotes from people like Picasso, to Plinius. According to the back of the sticker sheet:

Each notebook and set of 3 journals contains 9 stamps or 9 labels or 1 postcard, for sending signals, exchanging messages, collecting ideas. Send your quote about writing to They will be published in the next reprints of stamps and postcards.

Jon @ Snowblink. Thanks!

Best wishes to Lise Sutherland-Fraser on her birthday, November 5th.

8 thoughts on “Moleskine Stickers

  1. Armand thanks for the birthday message. I
    had a brilliant day turning 44, btw though
    still smarting from the Shrub being re-elected…sunny days in Australia

  2. Oh I didnt’ get any stickers when I bought my 2005 diary does it only come with the notebooks?

    I LOVE free stickers!

  3. P.S. On the first page there are some interesting looking new moleskines I haven’t seen before (the rumoured brown ones) – what are the ones in the pink band…?

  4. The pink banded moleskines are either the new storyboard or music notebook moleskines. Also, did anyone notice the VERY large size that was on the shelf? It appears to be the size of a legal pad. Has anyone found out when these new brown moleskines will be offered?

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