Mon Premier Moleskine

Choc_1“I carry a notebook with me at all times. And a blue pen, too.

You never know when inspiration will strike, when a good idea will suddenly pop, when a silly or profound thought will cross your mind, when you will witness a situation or overhear a conversation that just begs to be jotted down. It has become such an important item to have by my side that I feel like I’m missing a limb when I forget to take it.

So far I have never lost one, but I always carefully inscribe my name on the first page, several means to find me (postal address, phone number, email address, precise geographical coordinates, astral convergence) and a hopeful, polite note asking whoever finds it to please please return it to me.

Cnz_buttonAlthough I go through them one at a time, I am a compulsive notebook buyer — I can’t resist the charms of smooth pages and pretty covers and delicate bindings — and I always have a series of them on a shelf, quietly waiting for their turn. I usually buy slim ones so they don’t weigh too much when I carry them around, and so I can often experience the thrill (and pressure, too) of breaking into a brand new notebook.”

Chocolate and Zucchini and now, Moleskine. Priceless.

Even the comments are “unwrapping-a-new-large-blank-sketchbook” good.

Image: © 2004 C&Z