My Pen (From Pen Talk…)


"I always have a pen in my pocket – always. Without my pen I feel like
I’ve left my watch off, or something…
  A favourite pen has to have
only three main attributes:

  1. One must like the way it looks and
  2. It must be identifiable by others as Yours and Special (i.e. it
is not a stationery-cupboard issue pen);
  3. It must not be
irreplaceable or hugely expensive ( It’s with you always – what if you lost
it … !? )
Beyond that, it can conform to all your personal tastes in a

But a pen chooses you as much as you choose it: For a pen is a
friend, an extension of your personality, and it is your confidant, your
secretary (as in secrets), the keeper of your thoughts,  your intelligence,
and your ideas, in a way that a pencil, a keyboard  or a PDA can never
be.   Your pen holds in it’s silent, gentle barrel the words that you will write, and it holds them secretly and carefully until the time comes for
you to choose them and loose them onto the page. It writes your name (even
on a credit card chit) with love and care, in the way you
wish to appear to
the world. It makes the notes you want to make; sometimes the notes you wish
you could make. It does what you wish your  hand to do. It makes you feel as
you wish to feel.

  Choose a pen that does this as you wish, as you would
like, as you would wish to be and be seen. Choose a pen that flatters
you. Whether a cheap G2 or a coveted Ici Et La, choose your pen

via Stephen

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