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"I just met Pilot today and they presented
some new products to be launched in Jan 2005. A lot of Moleskine lovers use
Pilot G2 pen, there are 3 colors (Red, Blue, Red) currently, but a new Dark Blue
is coming out soon. On the other hand, a smaller sized Pilot G2 is also going to
be launched. The smaller version seems a very good companion with pocket size
Moleskine. Finally, they will launch a new 7 color pen series called Illusion.
The amazing thing about this is when you write with these pens, the ink are all
black on paper, but if you use any eraser to rub on them, which generate heat,
the ink will turn into colors. Even more amazingly, if you put the paper into
fridge, all the ink turn black once again. Well, I was amazed by the magic but
still haven’t been able to think of some creative use of them, so let me know if
you have any idea!"

Patrick Ng

8 thoughts on “New Pilot Pens

  1. First, stop torturing us with photos of the stickers! We who are sadly sticker-less beg you.

    A smaller G2 is wonderful news.

  2. So does anyone know if you can purchase the new Moleskine stickers separately somewhere (I just bought a new Moleskine sketchbook at a major art supply retailer and it did not have the stickers!)? 🙁

  3. My thoughts exactly – my kingdom for a sepia G2! Tell your dealer, Patrick, the people have spoken!

    Stickers, blank labels, and collectible postcards are just beginning to ship with certain notebooks, so I have a few styles that are going out with them. They are shrink-wrapped onto the backs of the notebooks. As far as I know they are not available separately and the only way to get them is with the purchase of the notebooks. They were suppose to have been released this fall when they redesigned the packaging, but were delayed, at least here in the US.

  4. As to a use for the color-changing-upon-erase pen: I’m thinking, revision tracking. I’m not sure how, but that’s what leapt to mind.

    I never really caught the G2 bug, though… been using Pilot Precise v5’s since 1992, and I’m not going to change just because of some sissy refills! The exploding in your pocket builds character.

  5. I’m a 31 year old cermudgen and luddite so by default I don’t like new things. Most if these sound gimmicky to me. Give me the standard black .7mm G2 refill any day.

    As long as they don’t screw with their standard G2 pen or refill and as long as they keep putting out Pilot Dr. Grip Gels, I won’t complain.

    I have this horrible fear that one day I am going to find out they don’t make G2s or Moleskines anymore. I already stocked up on about 50 moleskines but I don’t know how long good ink like the G2 will last.

    I’m glad to see Pilot progressing but don’t mess with the G2.

  6. Re: G2 shelf-life…I think it’s about 2 years. At least, that has been my experience. They put the date of manufacture on the refill itself, which is good to check out.
    You’re right, Mike. Definitely don’t mess with the G2 ink!

  7. About 1 in 5 of G2 pens and refills that I use have a flow problem right from the start. It seems to be related to the slug of gel material in the top of the cartridge and perhaps to the dry air in California.

    After writing for a few seconds, they get starved for ink. So, I have to swing it vigorously like you would for the old-style mercury thermometers. Apparently the centrifugal force of swinging it forces the gel slug to move down.

    I really love my G2 pens, but it is very frustrating when this starvation thing occurs. And it’s hard to convince colleages and friends of its merits when they do this.

    Warming it seems to help, but this is way too time consuming.

    Maybe someday I will try putting a drop of glycerine or WD-40 on top of the gel slug to keep it lubricated.

    The starvation seems to occur more often in the green, red and blue pens than in the black.

    And, like I said before, 80% of the G2 pens that I use don’t have this problem at all.

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