Ode to Moleskine


"In the comments to my last entry, Pooks asked, "What is a Moleskine?"

The quick answer is, "It’s a notebook."

The longer answer is, "It’s a notebook with great paper and a envelope on the
back cover and an oilskin cover and a sewn binding and the whole thing is kept
tightly shut with an elastic band that makes a satisfying snap as you close your
notebook for the day after a session of fantastic writing and it’s an object of
adoration for quite a few people out there who would rather pay an outrageous
sum for a beautiful, useful object like this than a dollar-ninety-seven for a
cheap spiral-bound notebook at the drugstore (not that there’s anything wrong
with dollar-ninety-seven cheap spiral-bound notebooks if that’s what you

You can pick the style of notebook that’s best for you. First of all, there’s
the large (13x21cm) and the small (9x14cm). Then you can choose whether you want
blank, squared, ruled, or sketchbook paper. There are also the Moleskine diaries
— week at a glance, or a page-per-day. And there are the new Moleskines: the
music book and the storyboard book. There’s also something Moleskine sells that
is three thin books in one package — there’s no oilskin cover, no elastic band,
what’s the point?

The Moleskine notebook lies flat on the table, waiting for you to write or
sketch something brilliant in it. The acid-free paper is fantastic for writing
on. Cheap paper is rough, an impediment to the ballpoint. But Moleskine paper is
smooth and lets your hand fly across the page. It has that pocket in back, so
you can keep receipts, movie tickets, love notes on cocktail napkins, photos of
loved ones. And no matter how much you jam in that pocket, that elastic band
around the notebook is going to keep the whole kit-and-kaboodle together — you
won’t lose anything."

Nobody Knows Anything

[Thanks Jon!]