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William Stafford

"What’s in my Journal Odd things, like a button drawer, MeanThings, fishhooks, barbs in your hand.But marbles too. A genius for being agreeable. .." William Stafford"What’s in my Journal" Link: [Thanks Joy]  

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The Power of Purpose

"Brother John is the true story of how the author’s contemplative retreat at a Trappist monastery turns both magical and terrible when a simple monk offers to share an umbrella on a cold and rainy Christmas Eve. This simple act … Continue reading

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Moleskine’s New Image

New Clothes for a Legendary Notebook An intriguing peek at how Moleskine’s new look came to be. LeftLoftMilan, Italy View the case history[Flash] [Thanks to Chris Long and David Paul !]

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My Pen (From Pen Talk…)

"I always have a pen in my pocket – always. Without my pen I feel like I’ve left my watch off, or something…  A favourite pen has to have only three main attributes:   1. One must like the way … Continue reading

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Notes from the Road

"We drove to Chinchón after dark, and followed the empty yellow-lighted alleys about until we made it to the Plaza Mayor – the town square. Chinchón is a historical city – like Cuenca, it is ringed by water, and in … Continue reading

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Pay for the razor, pay for the blades

"King Gillette is famous for his invention of the disposable-blade razor, and the associated business model, "give away the razor, sell the blades". This strategy was widely imitated, but it seems marketers have struck an even better one: why give … Continue reading

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Cover Art

Moleskine Cover Art by Nutmegpie@ Moleskinerie/FLICKR

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Moleskine Stickers

"I don’t use a typewriter,I write longhand witha pencil. Essentially I’ma horizontal writer.I think I’m better when I’m lying down." Truman Capote …A set of Moleskine "Writing" stickers from Abizer in London.  Thank you!

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Textbook Disclaimers

Disclaimer Stickers for Science TextbooksLink

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Moleskine Hacks

After Bill B’s rather drastic mod, 43 Folders has issued even more cool hacks. This one’s my favorite: "Spine Icons – I know some of you, like me, are multiple-Moleskine nerds. It’s sad, but this is how God’s made us. … Continue reading

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