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Postcards from a Blogger

"The whole subject of bloggers who meet online and ultimately connect in person is fascinating but hardly new, yet the mechanism seems different. With bloggers there is a body of work: their views about themselves and the world around them. … Continue reading

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Colorful Tails

You can argue that our friend Brendan Curry is seeing things but can you blame him? "… I see a similarity between the different colorful bands that encase a new moleskine notebook and the lables on yellowtail wine bottles.  The … Continue reading

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What Do We Write?

"What is writen about writing applies to writing in general, not just writing in a Moleskine. Please, fellas, let’s keep it real here. I don’t see what the big deal is, truly. In Australia, a pocket Moley goes for AUD$22-$25 … Continue reading

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Kirk H. Edelman

Kirk H. EdelmanNew Jersey, U.S.A. Notebook #3… Thanks to our friends: Diane, N.J.  Visit her Amazon Storefront Tricia L. , CA. Abizer N., London Prinedes,  Wa. Drop by his eBay auction Lisa Laughy, NH. Check out her eBay Store,  Ninth … Continue reading

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New Writing Tips Page for Moleskines

  I built a new Writing Tips PDF. Print each page on one side of a piece of paper and then cut that piece of paper in half (I used the "fold, lick, fold, lick, tear" method). Fold each half … Continue reading

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Friday’s Feast

"Welcome to Friday’s Feast. While our questions may sometimes be related to food, the main idea here is to feed your mind by asking thought-provoking, mind-stimulating questions. Each Friday when you visit this meme, you will find 5 enticing courses … Continue reading

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Pocket notebooks with oilskin binding, elastic band and inside pocket. 3" x 5" Availability: Usually ships same business day. MB710Regular Price $10.9510% Off Use Coupon Code "Gadgets" $5.00…Thanks to J David @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR  

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Jeffrey Fulvimari

"Jeffrey Fulvimari was born in Akron, Ohio. He now lives and works in New York City. Jeffrey studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He moved on to Cooper Union in … Continue reading

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From our GMailbox: "I’ve always thought that Moleskin note books were lovely ‘Things’ to own and use but never had one. Recently I decided to give my clients one for Christmas this year (I am a photographer) and most of … Continue reading

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A Peek at the Moon

LTO-63C3Peek Lunar Topographic Orthophotomap (LTO) Series Publisher: Defense Mapping Agency Scale: 1: 250,000 Projection: Transverse Mercator Lunar and Planetary Institute … "the regions have cute names (daguerre, hypatia, kant, very, da vinci, fahrenheit, gutenberg, etc)." Christine

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