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"My weapons of choice

In a small
pocket moleskine, I have slipped a Spauling (metal) fountain pen (F nib) on the
elastic band. The mini-pen doesnt really add space or weight.

In my
daypack goes a full size moleskine and an old levenger leather case. It carries
a Amber Pelikin and my Namiki vanishing point, pluse ink carts.

At my
desk, in a pencil cup, I have two Lamays: one blue ink for signing and one for
black ink.

I always have a pilot G2 running around on me in various
pockets. I use them when I lack the time to be careful.

I also have a
Mont Blanc Meisterstück. I received it as a college graduation gift. I finally
gave it to my twin, who has hounded me for it, because the meisterstück is just
too large for my small hands.

I have oodles of old pens I keep meaning to

(All my fountain pens are fine or extra fine when I can get
that size nib.)"

Penny @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT

Image: Pelikan

3 thoughts on “Pen Talk

  1. I did some further research of the G2 pen. In the name of science, I tore out a page from one of my beloved Moleskines. I wrote a short bit of prose on one side with a Waterman fountain pen with Waterman ink. On the other I took a normal $1 Pilot G2 black .7mm pen and wrote the same bit of nonsense.

    I soaked the page in water for a few minutes after letting it fully dry. The G2 ink seemed to wash away but left a perfect black script on the page. Whatever it is that washed away didn’t take away from the marks on the page at all. The fountain pen ink all but vanished.

    I then boiled the page for a few minutes and then microwaved it with an Uncle Ben Noodle Bowl. The page came out a bit broken up from the boiling water but the G2 ink was fully readable and dark. The fountain pen ink was gone.

    I read recently a quote by the forgery master Frank Abagnale, the fellow portrayed in Speilberg’s “Catch Me If You Can”:

    “Only one type of ink—the kind in gel pens—is counterfeit-proof to acetone or any other chemical used in “check washing.” “I recommend the uni-ball Gel Impact pen, which sells for about $2 each at any office supply or chain store,” says Abagnale, who now consults law enforcement and corporations on the art of the steal. “I personally sign all my checks and important documents with one.”

    The gel ink from the Uni-ball is probably very close to the Pilot G2. It is the most durable ink I know of.

    I recently purchased a Waterman Expert 2 Rollerball pen and replaced the ink with the Pilot G2 .7mm black ink refill I grew to love over the last year. It writes perfectly and still gives me that snobby air only the owner of a fancy pen can have.

    I still love knowing that the best, most durable, and long-lasting ink I know of comes from a $2 pen youc an buy at any grocery store or drug store in the US.

  2. Brave work indeed, tearing out that page and then subjecting it to various kinds of torture! I want to add one additional note of praise for the G2 gel ink: that it is archival safe in addition to being indestructible. I have little experience with fountain pens & inks – are they also as a rule pH neutral, acid-free, and/or archival?

  3. with my black japanese fold molskine, i carry one tombo brush pen, and one le pen, fine tipped to match. today the color is olive green, tomorrow, maybe blue? possibly brown.

    with my full size molskine (graph paper), i carry the samurai sword of fountains, a namiki falcon, soft fine. if only i could find an enamel paint that would adhere to the gloss black barrel – i’d paint it and take a bit of the conservative edge off this fine tool.

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