Postcards from a Blogger


"The whole subject of bloggers who meet online and ultimately connect
in person is fascinating but hardly new, yet the mechanism seems
different. With bloggers there is a body of work: their views about
themselves and the world around them. Unless the writer is the
cleverest of cons it would be hard to keep up appearances over time and
not provide the reader with a sense of who the blogger truly is and
whether he or she is…well, something other than an ax-murderer
sociopath. Not that I’ve read the blogs of such evil doers before, but…

What blogging provides that simple emailing and occasional letter
writing does not, is that sinfully voyeuristic
look-in-the-picture-window view of our lives. Through our blog writings
people can hear who we are and what makes us tick; what we like and
where we’d like to go; and in ever-surprising spurts of revelations how
we hurt and would like to love. I started blogging as an exercise to
accelerate my writing beyond the bland—yet profitable—world of business
writing. I’m always marveling at how much I’ve been willing to share of
a nature that previously I might not have even told one
person much less blindly posted for the world to see. Something about
having an audience yet having no tangible, obvious audience frees us to
blather about things we secretly want to share but typically don’t.
Dangerous, but cathartic."

Gary Varner

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