Ricardo Saramago


"I decided to
contribute a little for the Moleskinerie Gallery with a picture of two of
my Moleskines… It’s not much, I’m not very gifted in the art of drawing but
it’s my life that’s there.

By the way, I’ll
send Moleskine’s #9 scan as soon as I ship it to the next person…

Thanks and cheers as


View a larger image at the Moleskinerie gallery




Pen experts, kindly help Ricardo identify this mystery pen:

"I was digging through some of my father’s old
stuff when I found an odd and old looking case, when I opened the case it
revealed an old silver pen. My father says it belonged to his uncle but before
that he’s not sure. I guess by the look of the pen it look that it has at least
70 years, but I’m sending to a specialized shop to be clean and maybe dated.
Meanwhile if you could help me gathering some info of showing the pen photos to
someone I would be very thankful."

Email him for details

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Ricardo Saramago

  1. Lohr says:

    Ricardo’s post makes me definitely want to seek out silver dip pens from the late 19th-century… Or even seek out good dip pens from the current century. But…where shall I begin searching?

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