The Japanese Yatate


"If someone were to bring up the topic of Japanese antiques, what images would
come to your mind? Kimono? Swords? Armor? Possibly netsuke? A few might
even know what an inro is. How about the yatate? I have conducted
informal surveys among my Japanese acquaintances (I live in Tokyo), and was
surprised that the average Japanese does not even know what a yatate is!

A yatate (pronounced yah-tah-teh) is a Japanese portable
writing set.
The yatate has been around since the Kamakura period
(1185-1333). It contains a traditional Japanese bamboo brush and an
inkwell filled with cotton that has been soaked in liquid sumi

Yatate literally means "arrow stand."

Russ Stutler
"The Japanese Yatate"
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  1. Just bought a Yatate on ebay from Tottori,Japan.
    Tokyo Pen Co. has several.Great part of art history. Looking for the richest black ink that is perm.Something like iron-gall ink.

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