WMP #8 Jerry Everard


"Travel makes us monstr’ous to our own kind"

These words – attributed to Horace – point to the way in which we are changed by travel, just as this wonderful Moleskine notebook is transformed by its journey.

Would those in Finland or America have imagined that this notebook would see a sunrise like this – in a campground at a folk music festival near Braidwood in outback New South Wales in Australia? – where the white cockatoos’ screech adds a distinctly Australian flavour to the scattered fiddles, guitars and accordions greeting the day!

Wmp801xxThe Spring sunshine is warm – it will be another hot and dry Christmas this year. The hottest time is always late Summer – end of January/early Feb. The poppies are now in full bloom and the place looks green and fresh after the recent rain.

Our fire circus show was very successful, drawing a huge crowd – gasping as the fire staffs swept beneath my feet while I was playing fiddle.

I have included a couple of images from our fire-circus show at the festival, as well as a context image of Moleskine #8 sitting on the fiddle case I finished making at 2.00AM on the morning of the

… travel well my friends 🙂

Jerry Everard

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