3rd Untitled ‘haiku’



"Unwrapped Pelikan
Merry Christmas she whispers
Don’t tell I’m

3rd Untitled ‘haiku’
by Anonymous

Pentrace Christmas Poetry Contest

Image: Nibs.com

One thought on “3rd Untitled ‘haiku’

  1. I caught myself wondering if this is actually a haiku or if instead it is a tanka. It’s been a while since my last poetry class, and so I went off to consult the modern Oracle of Apollo, aka Google, to see if my half-recollection of “haiku is about nature,” “tanka has a similiar form but doesn’t necessarily contain references to nature or seasons” was actually even slightly right.

    The answer is, “yes…and no.” And, “go take some more poetry classes!”

    I thought this http://www.ahapoetry.com/tanka.htm#vs comparison of the two poetry forms was interesting if not necessarily helpful for the question at hand. And, http://www.americantanka.com/ makes it pretty plain that I have no idea what I’m talking about. So, um, if anyone needs me, I’ll be catching up on my reading.

    (This is what comes from connecting mostly with the poetry of Shell Silverstein, Dr. Seuss and Dorothy Parker.)

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