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Abc_1"This Water Buffalo Gift allows a Cambodian “animal bank” to acquire an
additional water buffalo, which is then “loaned” to a subsistence farmer,
helping to lighten the heavy burden of agricultural production. Few animals are
sturdier or more reliable than the water buffalo, which can plow, assist in
clearing land, and carry heavy burdens. Over time, each recipient returns a
water buffalo calf to the animal bank, allowing the gift to be extended to other

The AFSC has worked in Cambodia since 1979. In 2000, AFSC’s Integrated
Sustainable Livelihoods Program initiated the funding of water buffalo “animal
banks” in seven rural villages. This program also helps communities improve
agricultural techniques, provides training in animal health and immunization,
and provides capital for rice banks and micro-credit projects. With the weaving
together of the community through education, training and the “loan/payback”
program components, this represents a true gift to a grateful community.Afsc_buffalo_1

With no tractor to plow the land, the addition of a sturdy, reliable water
buffalo can make the difference between destitution and economic security for a
local family farm. This is your gift to a grateful community."

The ABC Home & Planet Foundation was founded by Paulette Cole, CEO and
Creative Director of ABC Home Furnishings of New York. Our goal is to bring
great opportunities for social service to the Manhattan-based store’s 12,000+
culturally sophisticated weekly customers. We hope to engage with this growing
community in supporting a diverse group of innovative local and international
organizations in furthering their good works.

The ABC Home & Planet Foundation

Listen to the NPR feature on "All Things Considered".

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  1. The NY Times article today May 25 reminded me of my previous Peace Corps days, 1983-87 in part spent in Guatemala. I have sent an e-mail to you on that and related things which was rejected so I am trying to get through to you this way, hopefully. Seems like you are touching all the right bases. Hope this gets to you. Pax.

  2. We are not aware of any technical issues with our emails at this time. If it was a submission intended for Moleskinerie you are welcome to resend it.

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