From my Moleskine


The wonderful Dan Price draws salt
shakers in his Moonlight Chronicles ( 
Or rather he gets other people to draw them.  Why?  To show skeptics out
there that anyone, even they, can draw.  Dan is a great ambassador for

I’ve been drawing pepper pots in my Moleskine of late – I’ve not
got a very original mind.  I like drawing while I sit in cafes, but find the
sort of intense concentration I often give to my drawings means I scare
off other diners if I try and draw them, so largely stick to inanimate
subjects.  These days I’m beginning to know my favourite haunts by the
way they serve their condiments.  My all time favourite place to relax
has particularly stylist square glass instruments that combine salt and 
pepper in one, and my second favourite haunt (great coffee but not quite
such fabulous cakes) has classic silver and glass shakers.  Both very nice
to draw.


At the weekend I had a visit from two of my nephews and their
girlfriends.  I remembered Dan’s party trick and got them drawing my
mother’s pepper pot (a nice wooden grinder if you’re interested).  The 
two boys both said they couldn’t draw, one girlfriend said she wouldn’t
draw, and the other wanted to play. They took it in turns to draw the
pot by looking at it and not at the paper – a great way to warm up and
get one’s eye in, and then seemed very pleased to realise that they
could produce a drawing that looked like what they were looking at. They are all getting Moleskines of their own for Christmas.

is an artist blogger and part-time ME/CFS sufferer living on  the west coast
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Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Update: 12.4.04

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