Wish Listing


"In case you were looking to buy something for a Zen Mama who has
everything, how about the latest in Buddhist kitsch? Actually, I
personally prefer the pink pig, but who can say no to a purple-cloaked
Buddha with a clock in his belly?

In the past, I’ve been told that I’m impossible to buy for. Although
I don’t think I’m "impossible," I’m not much of a wish-lister. When
directly asked what I want for Christmas or my birthday (which is soon
thereafter), I almost always answer "nothing" or "I don’t need
anything" or, worst of all, "surprise me." This is maddening to those
who want to shop for me, but from my perspective, there’s no fun in getting something you specifically asked for:  where’s the surprise in that?
In my obviously deluded mind, if someone "really" knows me, they’ll be
able to figure out what I do or don’t like: they’ll see the sorts of
things I wear, the sorts of things I have lying about my house, the
sorts of things I linger and look at in shop windows and stores."

Lorianne Schaub
Hoarded Ordinaries


One of these for me please. I’ve been really nice this year.  Or  large sketchbooks for WMP.

Enjoy the weekend M people!