Moleskine on Strong Bad

"Hi Moleskinerie Team: Just wanted to let you know that Moleskines are mentioned (spoofed) in the latest Strong Bad e-mail on, entitled "origins."  I can’t be the only Moleskine-toter that likes Homestar, so I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned... Read More


The Frankfurt Report

Frankfurt Main Station Hauptbahnhof "My trip to Frankfurt’s Paperworld exhibition this year was very rewarding. Not only did I reconfirm the relationship with vendors I met last year but I found some more that I’d like to order from. But... Read More



"I think it’s the creamy smooth white expanse that fills every single page.  The silky feel of the paper when you brush your fingertips, just the tips, across it.  The sensual glide of the pen across the page that makes... Read More


Under the Fire Star

"Every morning I come downstairs, put clothes in the washing machine, and open the back door for Mary (Lakshmi comes a little later). I putter around for awhile and then go into my little office and switch on the computer.... Read More



"Building your own Timbuk2 Messenger Bag is as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Enter your secret code to the right. Click the GO button. 2. Build Your Own Bag using the Timbuk2 Bag Builder or select one of our other popular... Read More


Collective work on Moleskine’s notebook

Just one last post before we go snowboarding: "Some days ago I had written a post on Analog blogs. What’s an analog blog? This is a method used to utilize your Moleskine notebook as a blog. This is a way... Read More


Ben Saunders

"I used an A5 Moleskine as a logbook/diary on last year’s expedition – it had laminated navigation/timezone calculations, important telephone numbers and the codes for myARGOS satellite beacon glued inside the front cover, while the wallet pocket inside the back... Read More


Fluxx Art

"I decided to experiment a little today. I wanted to see how water affected the ink of the rotring art pen. I made a little sketch in my moleskine using a waterfast pen, and then shaded it using the rotring.... Read More


Moleskine Pocket Dictionary Hack

"That’s when it hit me–a dictionary! A writer always needs a dictionary. The next morning I went in search of a pocket dictionary, with a few requirements: first it must be cheap, and second it should contain lots of big... Read More


Carnets de digestion

"Since the beginning of 2001, I draw in small notebooks 11 cm X 15 cm (approximately), always with a ball point pen, always on same paper, always in black. I contrained myself never to tear a page off, what is... Read More