Ola! España!


"i don’t want to use the word fan…i’m an user of
moleskine notebooks, that’s all…


hello, again, I’m
abraham morcillo from barcelona+catalunya+españa...and the last week I
finish my first
moleskine….but don’t think that was a work of one
months…192 pages are a lot of pages…my moleskine travel around (not
around the world but around spain and portugal, england, scotland and
egypt…), I’m a student of architecture and i like to include maps, sketchs
of buildings and informations about the cities or towns that I visit, or i
takes notes about the visit of architects of all the world that visit
barcelona in a conference…

i enyojed a lot seeing your blog…and this
is  my mail of recognition…if in the next months any traveler moleskine
visit spain, please send me a mail.."

best regards,
abraham illo