Accordion-style hack

Anyone get the curious pocket accordion-style Moleskine only to realize that
it really isn’t all that useful? Like I did?  I got one some months ago
thinking that it might be cool to use as a kind of hipster pda by
stuffing 3×5 index cards into it.  Well the trouble is that dispite the
adequate size of the pocket notebook, the accordion folds don’t really allow
many index cards to fit into it, much less cleanly.  Actually,
considering that the accordion envelopes exactly fit the cover when
compressed, I can’t imagine any reasonable amount of anything fitting into it
and expecting the cover to close, except for maybe rice paper.


So for my purposes it wasn’t quite the
smart design that I (and I’m sure others) expected.  But some scissors,
glue, and a strip of  matting board have made the little thing useful to

My method:

Step 1: cut off all envelopes leaving 4 folded flaps on
the top and bottom edges and 2 flaps for the long side edge. Step 2: glue
in a 0.5 inch wide strip of matting or similarly thick and strong board,
folded in to fit and reinforce the edges.


Step 3:
glue the original top cardboard piece back on to the topmost flaps on each
side.  Don’t use crazy glue, the paper soaks it up and stains it, grrr.
There’s probably better but clear-drying rubber cement seems

And voila, a Moleskine index card box.


top accordion is there to improve card access and is fixed at the long
side edge so it behaves like the little back pocket on the other
notebooks. It has a kind of sturdy box feel, seems jacket/bag friendly, and
fits the black cover shape perfectly so it won’t get over- or
under-stuffed. It holds a healthy stack of index cards and still blends in
nicely with the other pocket sized books on my shelf.


3 thoughts on “Accordion-style hack

  1. I use the pocket Moleskine for its intended purpose — saving receipts and odd small bits of paper — when I travel on business. It has done a good job for me in this capacity for the last three years. I carry 3×5 cards in a Levenger Pocket Briefcase. No surgery required in either case.

  2. I, too, use the Moleskine memo pockets just as it comes. As long as you push the 3 X 5 card in on either side of the pocket fold there is no problem. Unmodified, it gives me separately labelled pockets for Next Actions, Projects, etc. I carried about 20 blank cards in the unit but found that it got a little too fat for my liking. Now I carry only my active cards and relegate the spares to my pockets and briefcase.

  3. I love the Memo pocket! I take mine on every holiday. All receipts, train passes and museum stubs are kept in there. It still looks as good as new even when it has been with me for years. 🙂

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