Club M

Cm"Where did you find the Moleskine?" he asked. I pointed to the side wall.

"Under the ‘Of Mice and Men’ poster, near the bottom. But they’ve only got
the squared notebooks, not the ruled." He scampered off to find his own.

I went to the checkout line, figuring I’d drive down to the other Barnes
& Noble location in town, which typically has more of a selection but was
further out of my way. But when the checkout girl had scanned my book, he ran up
to me
with a large ruled Moleskine in hand, handed it to me, and said,
"I found them!" I was so grateful, he deserved a hug. (Fortunately I restrained
myself and avoided a socially awkward situation.) It’s funny that such a simple
item inspires such loyalty to it and bonds among its users. I don’t know where
he dug it out, as I had spent 10 minutes scouring the small section for it, but
we both recognized each other as members of the club.

Too bad we don’t get special jackets…"