Collective work on Moleskine’s notebook

Just one last post before we go snowboarding:


"Some days ago I had written a post on Analog blogs. What’s an analog blog? This is a method used to utilize your Moleskine notebook as a blog. This is a way to organize it, to link your thoughts together to be able to follow the flow of your thinking through time. It’s sure that this method is usable with other notebooks but I demonstrated the concept with Moleskines. Why? Because I lately discovered a passionate community of bloggers that write with enthusiasm about them. They write hacks to enhance their usability; they write about what they write in them, how they use them, where they use them and why they use them. They are passionate, they write on Moleskines with their guts and inspiration. Then, as a neophyte in the Moleskines world and in his immerging community, I wanted to know why they are attracted by them, and overall, why they are fascinated by Moleskines.

After I published my post, I got an unanticipated exposure. I read posts and comments from other visitors and bloggers about it. I found that people seem to love the idea; they seem fascinated by the concept. It was not a great idea; it was just an aggregation of already know hacks with some enhancement based on an emerging communication technology called Blog. The more I read on reactions the more I find that people love the idea of wedding between new and old technologies. They love the paradox created by the situation. They seem to be seduced by the idea; as I am.

Finally I asked to some of these bloggers their fascination, in the present world of technologies, for Moleskines: a technology used by humans for ages. This article is the result of their work; their passion for Moleskines’ notebooks. I got their answer and texts one after the other. I I’m astonished by the result, the work they done. They are all great pieces of work. They are more than inspiring."


Read the fascinating testimonials at his site.

Enjoy your weekend! Here’s a treat: