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"Do people use the "notebooks’ (i.e., lined, squared, blank) as
datebooks? I like having my action lists and calendar in the same book
and I’m not crazy about the moleskine datebooks themselves."

7 thoughts on “Datebook Question

  1. I use my Moleskine for all my notes and everything and for my datebook I just flip the moleskin and start from the back. I do a lot of stuff on the weekend (especially sundays with church activities) so I just divide the left page into 4 sections for M-Th and the right sde is split into just 3 for friday-sunday. the cool thing is when I finish with the moleskin (i.e. when the calendar meets up with the notes) I’ll have all the dates that correspond with the entries in the same book.

    For my ToDo’s I hate using up precious MoleSkine pages so I have about 5 or 6 wide post-its (2.875″ x 4.875″) on the back page that I use to keep my latest ToDo’s so when I fill one up I can just pull it out and throw it away…plus that keeps my TODO’s in one place instead of randomly about the moleskine.

  2. I use the left hand pages of my plain pocket moleskine as a weekly view diary, leaving the right hand page and a few leaves between some months blank, for notes/writing/drawings. At the back of the notebook I’ve pasted in things like maps and bus timetables and written in contact details.

  3. I’ve been using a squared mini-Moleskine as a homemade datebook–two days per page. I draw a line across the middle of the page (Pelikan fountain pen, Pelikan ink) and write my to-dos. I keep everything else in a Palm, but I do better working with to-dos when they’re in writing–more available, more manageable. The Moleskine’s perfect.

    I’ve always liked two-days-per-page as a “dowdy” format, maybe from seeing a photograph of Nabokov’s datebook (in the huge biography, by Brian Boyd, I think). I like the idea that any day can turn up at the top of any page.

  4. I use squared pocket and draw monthlty calender then weekly calender following pages(1mo/2pages, 1wk/2pages). This would take about 2/3 moleskine and I use left of them as memo. I also use large squared for write down quotes from books and other thoughts.

  5. I use my Moleskine pocket diary to record at least one good thing about each day, so that when the world seems to be all about buying and selling, rejection slips, and hanging in there for the next big break (I’m a freelance writer and have a difficult time selling my talent) I can flip back through the pages and remember that there really are lots of cool, wonderful, reassuring things that happen everyday…like five foot icicles hanging from the eaves in front of the upstairs windows…Spike and Kirby, the two resident cats exploring and loving their new cardboard box tunnel I made for them. And yes, occasions and episodes that–to the worlds’ eyes–are more momentous.

    It is an exercise I love, particularly on difficult days…picking up my chubby little Moleskine, pulling back the elastic, opening to the next blank page using the satin bookmark and looking back over my day for moments of clarity, a funny joke shared with a friend or a simple comforting, reassuring act of kindness sent my way. It keeps me sane. Keeps hope alive.

  6. I use the space at the bottom of the page for a todo list: work / school related on one side, personal on the other. It’s not much space, but mostly it works. I also keep some Post-its stuck in the back and a ‘cahier’ (or ‘volant’? – one of those 1/3 size soft booklets) strapped to the diary with the band for more detail when necessary.

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