Hans Friedrich


"Thank you very much for my birthday mention! I appreciate it.

Here’s what
I wrote in my brand-new moleskine pocket journal today and then turned into a
post on my site:

"Today is my 21st birthday. It’s
one of those days you find yourself anticipating, with heavily bated breath, when you are about 16. The novelty wears off a little year by year until you
are actually finally there, when it comes as only a mild surprise. So I’m
jaded? Ok. Maybe I am a little.

It’s sad, how year by year as
birthdays come and go they seem progressively less self-altering. I guess I’m
just reaching the point where I don’t get my identity from my age anymore.
Call it a coming of age. I don’t feel a lot of connection to other people in
my age-bracket, usually. That might be part of it too.

I am a little
excited. Not because I can stop carrying my fake ID around when I go
clubbing, but because I can finally indulge my taste for good wine; because I
can sit in the "lounge" section of the restaurant, where here in Oregon I can
still enjoy an after-dinner smoke; because I’m no longer stuck on the floor
at concerts, trampled by rabid fifteen year old fans who are practically
frothing at the mouth whilst shoving close to their idols, while all I want
to do is hear some good music.

It’s the little things that I’m excited
about, and they do count for something. But the big things, the self-image
things, are tied more to my marriage, my career, my goals than they are to my
age. So maybe I do feel older, but not because it’s my birthday. And I think
that’s a good thing.

Happy birthday me. Here’s to a good

Thanks again!

Hans Friedrich

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