His Secret Addiction Revealed


"While innocently perusing Our Advocate-Particular what do I come across but
an entry on moleskine journals. If you are of a certain ilk (and you should all
know your ilk by this point) you have this desire to travel to exotic and/or
cosmopolitan locales and banter with the locals, all the while keeping track of
your wit and wisdom in a small pocket sized notebook. These notebooks will,
later on, form the basis for a series of award-winning books. (Reflections
In A Golden Isle, The Isterian Alps On Foot, Paris In My Twenties, Back to
etc.) Whether you actually do this or not is immaterial.
It is the desire that counts.

In order to qualify, the notebook or, more properly, journal should
be small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, have a leather or (better) oilskin
cover, lie open flat, have a built-in elastic band to hold it closed when not in
use, an integrated ribbon bookmark and, of course, paper heavy enough to
withstand rain, snow, tropical humidity, the grubby fingers of swarthy Balkan
border guards or oily Berber tribesmen, not to mention occasional small arms
fire; i.e. the moleskine…

…A question for another day: what pen should be used
in your travels. Obviously, one with indelible ink, but beyond that qui sait


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