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Turning Over a New Leaf
January 14,

It may seem like a backward step, and not the sort of thing a
technology columnist would suggest, but have you ever thought of ditching
your laptop, personal digital assistant or smart-phone for a pen and

That’s what an increasing number of people seem to be doing, and,
having tried it myself, I heartily recommend  it. The thinking is basically
this: While we have pushed hard for our computers to do as much as they can
for us, there are some things they haven’t been able to do, or at least,
aren’t very good at. One is thinking for us. Another is making us physically
more attractive (unless you’re into online dating and know how to digitally
touch up a photo of yourself). The third is being there for us when we most
need them….


…First off, the myths. The revival of the bound notebook is largely down to
a Milan-based manufacturer, Modo & Modo, which relaunched a French design
of oilcloth-covered notebooks called Moleskines in 1998. And while
British writer Bruce Chatwin certainly used the French originals, the
company’s claims to be making the same notebooks as used by Ernest Hemingway,
Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso have been viewed with some

…There are Web sites
dedicated to Moleskines — check out  www.moleskinerie.com, for
example, which is currently sending notebooks on world tours. Hong Kong’s
Patrick Ng, stationery buyer for upmarket store CitySuper, is planning an art
exhibition next month. The only requirement is that submissions must be drawn
in a Moleskine (see www.moleskineart.com)."

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