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Diariessett"Oggetto: Pocket Calendar

I love your pocket calendar and have used it for the
past several years. I am very disappointed to discover that this year you have
switched the weekly format from listing each day one on top of the next to
listing the days all next to each other. There isn‚t enough room to write down
information about appointments with the narrow format. Please change back to the
old format.

—–Original Message—–
From: Silvia Trenta
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 11:18

Subject: FW: Pocket Calendar
Importance: High

Dear Patrick

Thank you very much for your kind e-mail.

The graphic of
the weekly diary, as indicated on the band outside the product, has been
modified in 2005 version.

I am sorry it does not meet with your

Anyway, I inform you that we will go back to the previous
graphic version for 2006 pocket weekly diaries.

Hoping to get in any
case your favor, I send you my best greetings .

Marketing Department
Viale di Porta
Vercellina, 10
20123 Milano – Italy
tel. +39 02 43 44 98 30
fax +39
02 43 44 98 41"


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5 thoughts on “Messaggio originale

  1. Poor Silvia, she must have had to send lots of those emails. I had a similar reply. Roll on 2006!

    “Dear Joel

    Thank you very much for your kind e-mail. I am sorry for your

    The graphic of the weekly diary, as indicated on the paper banderole,
    was modified in 2005 version as for the request of some “users”. We
    decided to follow their advice. Only when we were printing, we
    discovered that probably the lay out do not live up to Moleskine lovers.
    Unfortunately it was too late to modify it.

    Anyway, I want inform you that we will go back to the previous graphic
    version for 2006 Pocket Weekly Diary.

    Sorry again, we hope that in 2006 you could go back to use with pleasure
    and satisfaction the Moleskine Diary, filling its pages with notes and
    appointment that could leave you good memories.

    Thank you again for your notice. I take advantage of this opportunity
    sending you my best wishes for a great 2005.

    Silvia Trenta”

  2. Yay! I actually bought a weekly, and then went back and got a diary after the year started because I *HATED* the new format. I may actually just get the diary again next year, I love it so much.

    But I’m completely in love with the bitty address books in the back. Totally sexy.

  3. I have just found these books at a local bookstore but they seem to only have “sample” books because they’re damaged. I was hoping to find somewhere else to order them.

  4. I actually am quite disappointed in not finding the vertical weekly format calendar. Any chance of making both styles?

    Best regards…

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