Mini M


"I thought you might find this of interest (image file attached).  I had an
little break before Christmas and had fun playing around with a squared Volant
notebook.  I know the Volants are not as popular for some Moleskine purists, but
I find their casual nature refreshing.

With the posts last month on Moleskine "Hacks" and the ultimate hack
covered in "Dial M", I was inspired to try a Hack of my own.  I had a pocket
size Volant that came with glue stains on the cover so I decided to try cutting
it in half to create a Mini-M.  The stitching seems to be holding up well in
spite of being cut through the middle, but I’m sure the overall integrity has
been reduced.  For that reason I made a slip case from an index card that I then
decorated with a postage stamp so I can carry my Mini-M around with me.  This
half-scale format is definitely pocket sized and thus particularly

Lisa Laughy
Ninth Wave Designs

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