"I think it’s the creamy smooth white expanse that fills every single
page.  The silky feel of the paper when you brush your fingertips, just
the tips, across it.  The sensual glide of the pen across the page that
makes everything you write seem special, even important.  The smooth
sound, barely audible but definitely there, that is heard when you move
the pen slowly across the page in nice, even lines.  The very smell of
the Moleskine that excites the senses.  I need to be alone with my
Moleskine now. "

James Kendrick
JK On The Run

6 thoughts on “Mmmm…

  1. I think you guys are missing the point here. It’s not what you write on, but what you WRITE. In the end, no one but you knows that you wrote on an $11 fancy foo foo notebook page instead of a stolen cocktail napkin. I suggest reading Howard Junker’s compendium called “The Writer’s Notebook.” It was before the phenoMMMenon of Moleskine. It might put a spin on this whole craziness.

  2. Further, ‘A Reader’:

    V. Avoid haphazard writing materials. A pedantic adherence to certain papers, pens, inks is beneficial. No luxury, but an abundance of these utensils is indispensable.

    from: Walter Benjamin, One-Way Street
    The Writer’s Technique in Thirteen Theses

  3. I just simply believe, that writing on a moleskine inspires you to write better. Because you just what to keep writing! It’s soft,smooth, and creamy pages just entice you to glide your pen over them. They beckon to you,”Please! Please! WRITE ON ME!”

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