Moleskine and OneNote

Tr3molesm_1"The funny thing about using this Moleskine to take some of my notes… I’ve become a much better note taker in OneNote. Here’s
what I think is going on: I don’t write a ton of stuff in the Moleskine. I
usually write "To Do:" and then I add a date and a list of stuff I need to do
for the day. The Moleskine usually stays at my desk and I write things in it
when I feel like it. I also check off stuff that I do on my To Do list. So this
little notebook is what’s replacing my post-it notes and assorted other pieces
of paper when I need to write something down quickly.

OneNote, on the other hand, is my power application for capturing important,
work-related information. This week I spent about 11 hours in meetings. I could
probably fill a notebook every couple of weeks and what I would have at the end
of a quarter is a beautiful stack of expensive little notebooks that I would
never be able to find any information in. (And my little Moleskines deserve
better than that.) So I’m finding that I’m using my OneNote for the larger
meetings and I’m using my Moleskine for very small meetings where a laptop might
be a bit of a distraction. If the information from the small meeting is
something I need for later, or if I need to send out minutes, I type the notes
into OneNote and I send them out directly from there."


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[Thanks Leslie]

One thought on “Moleskine and OneNote

  1. Until the battery goes dead or a half-caf mochachino grande falls onto it.

    Four hundred years from now they will dig up a silver box of plastic with a shattered screen and a Moleskine and the only record of our lives will be post-it notes and to-do lists.

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