Moleskine mod


"Moleskine notebooks are somewhat faddish right now, but damn they are
useful. And there are plenty of sites out there that detail ways to make them
more so. Moleskine hacks, so to speak. Here’s my own:
a holding mechanism for the Fisher Space Pen.

I wanted a way to join the notebook and the pen so I would not have to dig
for either when I need them in a pinch. The problem was that the Fisher has no
clip and is very slick. So I bent a paperclip to snugly grab the pen where it’s
sheath ends and affixed a rubber band to hold the other end. It ain’t pretty,
but it works."

John @ Ascent Stage

[Thanks Leslie Russell]


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Moleskine mod

  1. anthony says:

    On the contrary, my space pen does have a clip. 🙂

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