Moleskine Pocket Dictionary Hack

Dh"That’s when it hit me–a dictionary! A writer always needs a dictionary.
The next morning I went in search of a pocket dictionary, with a few
requirements: first it must be cheap, and second it should contain lots of big
words like verisimilitude and embrocation. The first requirement precluded me
from heading to one of the chain stores like Barnes and Noble, so I headed to
the nearest Half Price Books (if you don’t live near a Half price Books then you
should move). As I rounded the corner in the language arts section I spotted the
very thing I wanted. It measured five and a half inces by three inches, the
cover was sturdy and not dissimilar to my precious moleskine. The pages were all
intact and still supple, and since it was printed in 1960 it contains lots of
big words (leaving out all the ifs, ands, and buts leaves lots of room).

My little prize held a few other treats for me. When I finally scraped
together the dollar (tax included) and purchased it, I sat down outside to
examine my find. In the back, along with a section on spelling and
capitalization tips, was a section on U. S. state names and their meaning, a
forms of address primer, time zone chart, and a few others."

Leslie Russell

Moleskine Pocket Dictionary Hack

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