Newbie Questions

RedmDan  S. wrote:

"I am a recent convert to the Moleskine world and
wanted to ask a few questions about Moleskine Culture:

1. Are the devotees of the pocket-sized books a
distinct sect from those who use the larger versions? Or are we all one big
happy family?
2. What do people carry their ‘skines around in?
(Other than a purse or cargo pants)
3. I find that some pens (a Parker 51, for
example) have a nice narrow clip that slips nicely into the spine of a pocket
journal. The clip on the otherwise wonderful G2 and G6 either bow out too much
or are too wavy to fit. Any other pens fit the spine of a ‘skine without risk of
injury (to the journal)?
4. I understand that the correct pronunciation is
"Mo-leh-skeen-eh," but I can’t bring myself to actually ask for them by this
name when I think that store owners are still under the impression that it’s
"Mole Skin." Anybody else have this problem? Or am I more disturbed than I had
previously thought?

Image: tourgueniev

Update 1.21.05/ 12.14.AM CST

Here’s one more question from Lisa B.:

"Here’s an ignorant question. When you modify something, why is it called a
hack? I’ve wondered after seeing the hacks for attaching a ribbon to hold a
pen, altering the accordion-fold storage Moleskine, and another I can’t
recall right now. What exactly does "hack" mean in this context?"