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Thumbmoleskine"Why replace a dead PDA with another PDA when you can replace it with aMoleskine? My Palm Zire mysteriously cashed in its chips on December 22nd, right in the middle of a mad rush to download everything on my work desktop to my handheld before taking off for the holidays. I should be more
upset that the insignificant little slip of plastic, chips, and data only lasted a year and a half, but I’m not. Truth be told, I’m a paper and pen devotee to the end. I am that person who can’t walk by a stationers or fine paper place without stopping in to fawn over a fancy nib, sample a pen that cost about as much as my education, finger a delicate leaf of paper, or hold up fine stationery to marvel at a watermark. So when my PDA gave over, I squealed a little squeal of joy, and sighed a little sigh of relief at the prospect of holding that relic of antiquated technology in my hands again."

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