Organize your Moleskine as an Analog Blog


"This January I was introduced to Moleskine notebooks. It seems that there is a little frenzy, on the blogsphere, on the subject, these days. I was recently searching for a good, beautiful and classic looking notebook for my next trip. I found it in the Moleskines.

When I found a discussion on it on the blogsphere I followed references and discussions. There is literally a small and beautiful community of bloggers that are passionate by them. They transmitted me this passion for Moleskines. You can find many posts on Moleskine hacks to optimize it’s usage.

Personally I was interesting to try to use some of these ideas, enhancing them, and use my Moleskines as an analog blog. Okay, it can seem crazy, it can seem really, really geek (and it is) but I’m curious to found if it can be effective and practical.

We first need to remember the main blog’s characteristics:   

A blog is a sort of electronic personal journal that you use to put thoughts in and get comments by the community. (Have in mind that this post is about analog blogs. Then this is a paper personal journal and you�ll not get comments from the community).

A comment system is implemented for each post. (In our case, it will be your own comments on past posts. The concept will be strengthened if you suffer of multiple-personality).

The posts on the blog are usually classified in categories.

Blogs sometimes refer to external resources.

Blogs usually reference internal thoughts…"

Organize your Moleskine as an Analog Blog
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2 thoughts on “Organize your Moleskine as an Analog Blog

  1. Ironic… First there were “journals” and “diaries”, then they came up with an online version, the weblog ( = blog ).

    Just funny that now there are directions on how to go from the electronic version to the original, I must be getting old.

  2. Yea it’s very difficult to get back to writing thing after having been caught by keyboard fever :S At least, I can’t write as fluently as I used to do back then when diary culture was on.

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