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Datebook Question

We just got this email. Your comments are welcome. "Do people use the "notebooks’ (i.e., lined, squared, blank) as datebooks? I like having my action lists and calendar in the same book and I’m not crazy about the moleskine datebooks … Continue reading

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Moleskine and OneNote

"The funny thing about using this Moleskine to take some of my notes… I’ve become a much better note taker in OneNote. Here’s what I think is going on: I don’t write a ton of stuff in the Moleskine. I … Continue reading

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Moleskine mod

"Moleskine notebooks are somewhat faddish right now, but damn they are useful. And there are plenty of sites out there that detail ways to make them more so. Moleskine hacks, so to speak. Here’s my own: a holding mechanism for … Continue reading

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Alex Gregory

"This week in the magazine, The New Yorker announces the winner of its sixth Cartoon Caption Contest. This year’s illustration was drawn by Alex Gregory, a New Yorker cartoonist who is also a television-sitcom writer. Here, with The New Yorker’s … Continue reading

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Noodler’s Ink – the Pilot G2 killer

"This ink, though water-based, becomes waterproof when it chemically bonds to the cellulose on paper. A variety of tests in the harshest of circumstances shows that Noodler’s fountain pen ink on paper can survive water soaking, acetone, naphtha, bleach, ammonia, … Continue reading

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How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers

"This is a book which belonged to my great-grandmother that I have enjoyed since childhood. I noticed the copyright had expired in the US, so I scanned it in so everyone can read it.  The two-color gifs are small (under … Continue reading

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M on “Eleventh Hour”

"I spotted a Moleskine on yesterday’s episode of The Eleventh Hour, a Canadian show. A student is shown taking notes in it. Telltale sign: when the notebook was open, the elastic was shown hanging down the sameway it does on … Continue reading

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His Secret Addiction Revealed

"While innocently perusing Our Advocate-Particular what do I come across but an entry on moleskine journals. If you are of a certain ilk (and you should all know your ilk by this point) you have this desire to travel to … Continue reading

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Moleskine Accessory

"One thing I have found essential to my Moleskinerie: a Staedtler Erasing Shield. It’s a paper-thin sheet of metal with various shapes cutout, used in drafting to erase small portions of lines without disturbing other lines. You can get them … Continue reading

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Wat is Moleskine?

Check out this Moleskine dealer in the Netherlands. Apart Design [Via Leslie Russell]    

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