A Compact Travel Journal Kit

"To protect your notebook from rain, dunks in Venetian canals, and other liquid hazards, place it in an 4.5 inch by 7 inch Aloksak (by Watchful Eye Designs), which is like a super heavy-duty ziplock bag. The Moleskine with Bullet... Read More


Recent comments

"Last month, I had the good fortune to speak briefly with Peter Lunenfeld at the Scholarship in the Digital Age conference at USC. I was surprised to learn that this famous digital media theorist is currently obsessed with a print-based... Read More


The Holy Anorankh

"In 1994, Martin Walser confused an ankh and an anorak on Usenet. The ensuing thread inspired the Clarecraft pewter model… and proved the link between the Egyptians and the Geeks." Neither Greek, nor Egyptian. Maybe Alaskan. Discuss amongst yourselves. Via... Read More


Club M

"Where did you find the Moleskine?" he asked. I pointed to the side wall. "Under the ‘Of Mice and Men’ poster, near the bottom. But they’ve only got the squared notebooks, not the ruled." He scampered off to find his... Read More


Organize your Moleskine as an Analog Blog

"This January I was introduced to Moleskine notebooks. It seems that there is a little frenzy, on the blogsphere, on the subject, these days. I was recently searching for a good, beautiful and classic looking notebook for my next trip.... Read More


WMP #15 Laura Stinson

WMP#15Laura StinsonBoulder, Colorado Thanks to our friends: Diane, N.J.  Visit her Amazon StorefrontTricia L. , CA. Ralph SarichAbizer N., LondonTerrie Miller, Sebastopol, Ca.Prinedes,  Wa. Drop by his eBay auctionLisa Laughy, NH. Check out her eBay Store,  Ninth Wave Designs The... Read More


Messaggio originale

"Oggetto: Pocket Calendar I love your pocket calendar and have used it for the past several years. I am very disappointed to discover that this year you have switched the weekly format from listing each day one on top of... Read More


Arvind’s Travel Journal: Paris

Paris: The Beauty (Paris and everything Parisian) and the beast (me!) Notre Dame of Paris (I would have said "My lady", but I had none)  I had thought of historical monuments as being almost untouched since the time of their... Read More


The Mac mini and Moleskines

"Got up early this the day. I’ve been keeping an eye on Apple’s new Mac mini, iPod Shuffle, iLife and iWork smorning, scanned a few RSS feeds to start software suites, because I have a feeling all four of these... Read More


Newbie Questions

Dan  S. wrote:"I am a recent convert to the Moleskine world and wanted to ask a few questions about Moleskine Culture: 1. Are the devotees of the pocket-sized books a distinct sect from those who use the larger versions? Or... Read More