Recent “Matters”


"My pal, Tom Kane, has a great habit. When he walks into his office
each morning, he snaps on his computer, loads the NY Times homepage and
draws something from one of the lead stories in a Moleskine reserved for
the purpose. Each day, at least one drawing of a newsmaker. Only then
does his work day begin. His book is full now, brimming with
great caricatures and portraits, built one drawing at a time. His
drawings muscles ripple. Of course, he does not stop there; he draws New
York City most days, detailed pen and ink drawings that fill the page
from corner to corner. Tom’s compulsive too. He cannot stop until
every square inch of paper is covered and crosshatched. He tells me he
doesn’t do it because he enjoys it; he does it because he has to. He’s got
the habit."



"While I have gone on and off moleskines over the years, I had to snap this one
up. A journal preprinted with little frames, perfect for sketching out little
storyboards or page layouts or comic books or whatever. All on a sturdy, water
resistant oaktag paper. If you’re a designer or ad guy or film maker or odd book
collector, check it out."


Danny Gregory
Everyday Matters

[Thanks Chris!}