The Mac mini and Moleskines


"Got up early this the day. I’ve been keeping an eye on Apple’s new Mac
mini, iPod Shuffle, iLife and iWork smorning, scanned a few RSS feeds to start
software suites, because I have a feeling all four of these will be big

Janet Tokerud had a new post, Mac mini and iPod shuffle Don’t
Disappoint, so I stopped by to see her take on these two items. I wasn’t
surprised by her thoughts (they virtually mirror my own) I was caught
immediately by the shot she includes of her pocket Moleskine on top of the Mac
mini (see my cropped out version above). Wow! Immediate perspective!
That’s my trusty pocket Moleskine there to give you some perspective.
It is a full-fledged OS X computer that’s tiny, weighs less than 3 pounds and is
cheap. I am loving the prospect of watching this play out.
Its so funny — I had a look at the Mac mini’s specs last night,
including Apple’s imagery and comparison to a standard PC tower. I thought "Hey,
that’s pretty small." But when I saw Janet’s Moleskine on top of a Mini this
morning, I really grasped its tiny footprint. Moleskines save the day again!
To put the Mac mini into other journal related terms, it’s even a
little smaller than the footprint as my A5 sized Miquelrius sketchbook laid


Mike Rohde

2 thoughts on “The Mac mini and Moleskines

  1. Excellent shot! Apple have cracked it with this one I think. And another market they haven’t considered is people upgrading their old macs with minis. I’ve got an old iMac setup and now I can replace the system with a mini and an el cheapo flat screen – perfect….

    My only hope is that once Mac hits the mainstream, that they can continue to create high end machinery and stylish pieces.

  2. As long as Steve Jobs is alive, Apple will – always be stylish.

    Of this I am absolutely sure! 🙂

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