"the real allure of these notebooks is the craftsmanship: the elastic band to
hold the pages together, the creamy paper, the (surprise!) accordion pocket in
the back to hold things. The notebooks are the perfect size. And I didn’t even
mention the cloth bookmark.

I used to journal constantly, always using the hardcover black and white
marbled notebooks. I remember carrying a notebook around with me constantly
during my first trip abroad, when I was dangerously thin and desperately needed
a haircut and would listen to Oscar Peterson’s "Wheatland" on my Walkman as I walked the wet city streets of London for miles and tried to take it all in. When I used to write run-on
sentences. How I still do. How I take out the old notebook and still read it
from time to time. My notebook from those hungry, wonderful months has tea
stains on some of the pages, the ink smudged in spots from writing in steady
English drizzle, the spine held together by a single strip of gunmetal grey duct
tape. It’s like an old friend.

In this modern era, blogs are fine, but writing in the Moleskine brings back
that cathartic joy of journaling, the pleasure of pen to paper. The creative

Wonderful thing, the Moleskine."

Vince Tardy