"Finally you may now
purchase a giant sushi in the form of a soft and comfortable
pillow! Our pillows are each hand made and come in a variety of styles
some include – California Roll, Avocado Roll, and Salmon Roll (with
more types on the way!). Our flat rolls come in standard sizes of 12"
diameter by 5" height."


"In additon we have just added a new line of
sushi pillow to our stock, the Nigiri pillows! These pillows come in a
14" length, 8" width and 11" height. We also carry a line of sushi
pillows which we call our "tall" sushi pillows.  They measure 8"
diameter by 10" height.  All of our pillows are handmade originals
using quality materials."

The Original Sushi Pillow

[Via Adorablog]

Yeah, we take gifts of pillows, too! ^_^