Travel in your Head


"I’ve chosen the form of a diary for this project. This diary is firstly
about women in an Arabian land. Women that I have learnt to know as
strong, self-aware and expressive, used to having to survive and to
follow their own path, manoeuvring between regulations and restraints.

In journal of drawings I will try to show the special strength of
Arabic women, from my own perspective as artist and western woman. A
totally different view than the one-sided, politically loaded or often
exotic image of Arabic women seen in the western media. Also I want to
share my fascination for the daily life in Morocco; the visual
richness, the mix of beauty and rawness that is everywhere. Intimate
drawing of women will alternate with observations of everyday life.

The drawings of Aline Thomassen reveal the secret and the hidden, while the sound fragments of Lazaro Tejedor describe the public sphere.

Aline Thomassen in known for here watercolours and paintings of
Mediterranean women in strange, dreamlike situations. She has been
inspired by her many and long stays in Morocco."

Travel in your Head

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