WMP #14 Ralph Sarich


WMP #14
Ralph Sarich
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Thanks to our friends:

Diane, N.J.  Visit her Amazon Storefront
Tricia L.
, CA.
Abizer N., London
Terrie Miller, Sebastopol, Ca.
Prinedes,  Wa. Drop by his eBay

Lisa Laughy, NH. Check out her eBay Store,  Ninth Wave Designs

A complete list of donors are here.


For updates and donations, visit the WMP
View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg.
Notebooks #14 and #15 are going to Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. and Brugge, Belgium, respectively.

Advance birthday greetings to Justin Bitely (January 9) from all of us at Moleskinerie/ORKUT.



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