Moleskine notebooks and the failure of reality


"Much as I like the notebook, I’ve never been able to use it in the way
I’d hoped. There are nearly 190 pages of writing: short comments about
a current project, quotations, ideas for blog entries, incomprehensible
remarks from nowhere, even inadequate recollections of dreams. But
nowhere are the flights of creativity imagined in the reverie of
purchase. The most useful pages are those following the progress of
close readings of, for example, Benjamin’s "The Storyteller" and Maurice Blanchot’s How is Literature Possible?  Otherwise, I shall probably put the notebook on a shelf somewhere and never consult it again….

…Ooo, I just felt it then: the sensuous specifics of practical action! It
is this perhaps that makes fancy notebook usage so contagious. There is
the aura of getting things done.

For writers, this
aura is a siren. The draw of the notebook is the idea that the
accumulation of arcana might form part of the way toward a literary
work; the achievement that opposes the insignificance and temporality
the writer’s life.

We know, however, that it is not. It is a means of resisting the work of literature."

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