Moleskine — why the fuss?

Amf"Moleskine — why the fuss?

It’s just a notebook. The
heritage? (Hemingway & etc.)
The accessories?
posted by Rash at 9:44 PM PST

Until recently, I assumed these products were
made with
actual mole skins but I just
noticed that extra "e"

posted by Rash at 9:46 PM PST on February 16

I use mine as a wallet (the smaller lined ones). It’s slim.
I don’t carry cash and it fits my debit card, my id and my health club card,
plus I can use it as a ledger, and jot down ideas when I have them.

last longer than normal memo pads, and they look sleek.
posted by drezdn at 9:49 PM PST on February 16

This is my belief. In our modern, hyperactive,
distracted-by-the-flashing-lights society, a whole bunch of people have suddenly
discovered that sometimes simplicity is best. They’ve reached the realization,
in this case, that sometimes a notebook is more practical and enjoyable than a
PDA. But, still having lots of disposable income, they choose to buy the most
prestigious, expensive notebook available.

posted by
Jimbob at 9:50 PM PST on February 16"

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  1. I use it to comment on my surroundings, make lists of all kinds of silly things, thoughts about the moment, capturing a quote I hear on the radio, etc.. My favorite use is to work out a first draft before I post on my blog. I love the design so much that I named my blog Moleskine Moments.

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