Call for entries (?)


Neil Rickenback needs your input:

"Writing in my notebook today, a minor curiosity interrupts my train of thought.  Why do we love Moleskines so much?  Why are we so loyal to a small pad of paper, cardboard, and stitching?  I know my own answer to that question, and I also know from speaking with you that many also share my feelings.  Yet I want…no, need more input.  I would very much like to begin a project (the exact nature of which is still unrealized and floating around in my head somewhere) involving Moleskine users’ thoughts, ideas, and general rambling on these seemingly timid, yet powerful little pieces of stationery.  I will need your help, yes you.  From the curious, to the casual user, to the slightly scary and obsessive Moleskiners…I want your input.  In the event that this junmble of words here is posted, please send a comment directly to the post or, preferably, feel free to send me a note at:

Thank you much, and I look forward to hearing from you."